A 7-Year-Old Is Named "Child Of The Year" for Rescuing Over 1,300 Dogs.

A 7-Year-Old Is Named
A 7-Year-Old Is Named "Child Of The Year" fοr Rescuiпg Over 1,300 Dοgs.
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Roman McConn, age 7, is on a mission to save dogs. The thoughtful young man focuses on the oldest, most unwanted animals on the euthanasia list in animal shelters and helps them find a home. He has rescued over 1,300 unwanted dogs and 40 cats thus far.

At the age of four, Roman began rescuing animals with the assistance of his mother, Sully. Sully films the adorable Roman interacting with the shelter's dogs and cats while he describes each animal. Then, she uploads the video to their Facebook page. According to shelter personnel, Roman is an actual "dog whisperer."

He spends time getting to know each animal, and then a video is made of him interacting with and discussing the dogs. The videos effectively convey the dog's personality. According to Roman, he does this because "dogs do not need to be in a shelter; they require activities."

Helping the dogs to "do things" is his specialty. Sully and his mother established Project Freedom Ride, an organization that places unwanted and abandoned dogs from Texas and Georgia with families in the Pacific Northwest. They provide Texas rescue partners with financial support, networking opportunities, and adoption assistance, and they give unwanted animals a second chance with families and receiving partners outside of Texas.

Roman's love and dedication to the most unwanted animals are emblazoned on his face. According to his mother, whenever he learns that another animal has found a forever home, he "lights up like a Christmas tree." It is evident why the ASPCA named him Child of the Year: he is certainly inspiring.

Roman told InsideEdition.com, "I believe it's vitally important to give the dogs I meet the best possible opportunity to find the perfect home." I believe that many other children should be doing what I am doing.

This narrative simply warms our hearts and souls! Please share Roman's story with the world to demonstrate how a single compassionate individual can save so many unwanted dogs and cats.

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