This Photo of a Mother Sharing a Quiet Moment With Her First???? Before Giving Birth Is Going Viral
This Phοtο οf a Mοther Shariпg a Quiet Mοmeпt With Her First???? Befοre Giviпg Birth Is Gοiпg Viral
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The image that has already gone viral on the Internet is causing a stir among mothers with multiple children. What occurs is that it reminds them of the changes that take place in the home when a second, third, or fourth child is born. 

That moment when you realize your firstborn will no longer be your only child.


A photographer who specializes in birth photography captured this beautiful image of a mother giving her daughter a strong and affectionate embrace before entering the delivery room.

The Facebook image captioned "Pure sweetness" includes the following description: "The last hug before saying goodbye to mom, and the last time she will sit on that big round belly with her sister still inside."

Unquestionably, the photograph demonstrates the talent of the photographer, as it not only presents the subject as an emotional image, but also captures the emotion and unique moment shared by a mother and daughter as they bid farewell to their privacy.

The photographer and mother state, "As a mother of two myself, I believe you understand how quickly the life of the first child changes when another child is added to the family. As a result, this mother knew, in her heart, how much things were going to change and how desperately she wished she could hold on to that moment just a little longer, because she had been through this before. To embrace your "little one" one last time, because they will no longer be the only one.

"That moment of that final farewell embrace was so special, and I feel privileged to have captured that image, which they will cherish forever," said the photographer.

At a time like this, 

We must temporarily set aside our apprehension for the upcoming event, in this case childbirth, and focus on our first child. Also in convincing ourselves that bringing another person into our lives is not a betrayal of our routine, in which we are always alone with our son, because we always believe that we cannot love another person as much as we love our son.

Similarly, even if our routine changes, the most important thing is meeting our new baby. And it is the fact that having children teaches us how quickly each moment of our lives passes, and when we transition from having one child to having two, three, or more, that "last" hug is so significant for both of us because they fully comprehend that everything is about to change and evolve.

Obviously, you will always remember the moment when your first child made you a mother and prompted you to develop all the feelings associated with motherhood, and your second child will also cause you to experience a multitude of wonderful emotions.

This image depicts us saying "goodbye" to the routines we had with our only son and our time alone, while also welcoming a new stage in the family that will be filled with wonderful moments that we will enjoy and from which we will create beautiful memories.

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