Top 10 Most Famous Cats On Instagram To Follow Right Meow
Tορ 10 Mοst Famοus Cats Oп Iпstagram Tο Fοllοw Right Meοw
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Top 10 Most Famous Cats to Follow on Instagram Immediately

Have you created an Instagram account? It's not unexpected if you have, as Instagram is an engaging platform for sharing images with friends, family, and the world, as well as a terrific location to express your individuality. Instagram is a vast stage where everybody may participate, but not everyone can rise to the top.

In this post, we'd like to introduce you to ten remarkable cats whose unique appearance and endearing personalities are dominating Instagram. Find out why folks can't get enough of these adorable cuties by scrolling down!

First place: Nala Cat (@nala cat) with 4.3 million followers


Oh my goodness, here comes the sassy queen! Nala, who joined Instagram in 2012, continues to steal hearts every day with her charming cross eyes. The former shelter cat has also been making monthly donations to the animal shelter, isn't that wonderful?

2.4 million people follow Grumpy Cat (@realgrumpycat) on Twitter.


This cat is well-known among Internet users worldwide, even those unfamiliar with Instagram. Even though she passed away two years ago, Tardar Sauce, often known as The Grumpy Cat, is still fondly remembered for her amusing memes of a disgruntled cat. According to Tardar Sauce's owner, her unusual face expression was the result of feline dwarfism and an underbite.

3. Lil BUB (@iamlilbub) has 2.3 million followers on Twitter.


Another Instagram celebrity that passed away in 2019; Lil Bub was best recognized for her bizarre yet endearing appearance. The adorable cat was rescued as a stray kitten, and despite her genetic defects, she enjoyed a decade of success as an actress, author, talk show host, and fundraiser. During her lifespan, Little Bub helped raise over $700,000 for animal charities.

Hamilton The Hipster Cat (@hamilton the hipster cat) has amassed 763k followers on Instagram.


Hamilton the hipster cat is renowned for his magnificent mustache, which makes him appear to be a gentleman. His celebrity has helped him earn a great deal of money, yet he gives it all to animal shelters and keeps nothing for himself!

#5 on the list is Pudge (@pudgethecat) with 645k followers.


This cat from Minneapolis is renowned for her flat face and white mustache. She's proof that mustaches aren't just for males; women can sport them too!

#6. Roku Roku (@rokuthecat) - 460k followerst


This silver cat has an unusual appearance owing to a genetic abnormality that damages the cartilage in his ears and body, yet it somehow makes him extra cuter! Interestingly, Roku's feline companion Hachi is also an Instagram celebrity. They are such an adorable couple!

#7. Snoopybabe (@snoooopybabe) - 275k followers


Snoopy, who was born in 2011, is the most popular cat in China and likely one of the most popular felines worldwide. With her irresistibly adorable features, she has sparked a wave of tenderness across social networks.

270k people follow PrincessMonsterTruck (@princessmonstertruck) on Twitter.


Don't be fooled by this "monster's" ferocious exterior; he is incredibly kind and sociable. She was rescued from the New York City streets and is now utilizing her reputation to aid animals in need.

#9: Sam (@samhaseyebrows) with 228k followers.


This adorable kitten is undoubtedly one of the most expressive animals available. Who could forget such a distinctive face?

Richard Kitty (@richard kitty) has 128k followers on Twitter.


Richard's intriguing combo and fascinating stances dominate Instagram! In 2012, he was rescued from a LA public shelter; he was born to be a model.

Aren't these kittens adorable? If you adore cats as much as we do, please forward this article to your feline-loving friends.

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