19 Popular Online Photo Filters to Make Your Shots Stunning

While sites like Facebook and Instagram have their own built-in filters and photo effects available, the filters they offer are far from the best. That is because online editors can not only offer many more varieties; they can also offer more in terms of customization and fine-tuning. Online selfie filters has all the tools you need to make your image go from bland to share-worthy in a matter of moments! Let’s take a look at just some of the popular online photo filters that Fotor has to offer!

VSCO Filter

To create a VSCO inspired filter effect you will want to use a vibrant preset. VSCO-like filters are great for a variety of images. Giving your images a colorful, vibrant look that works well on subjects like nature and beach scenes.

Vintage Photo Filter

Fotor has a number of photo filter effects found under the “Vintage” section that is aimed at giving your photos and old-timey feel. This “Adler” filter fades out the darker areas while giving everything a nice vintage yellow tone!

Oil Painting Filter

Tired of having to open up Photoshop to add an oil painting filter to your photos? Add one in just a matter of a few clicks under “Oil Painted”! The “Sheened” gives everything a wash of green, extra perfect for leavy green photos.

90s Photo Filter

Do you miss the 90’s as much as I do? Bring them back using any of the filters found in the “Cool” category. Ranging from bright vivid filters to warm-toned filters like “Early Bird” seen below.

Retro Filter

If you are after a more of a retro ’50s and ’60s vibe then check out the “Retro” category to get those faded vibes. Inspired by the fashion magazines of the retro era, that still works with modern Instagram photos today!


Vignettes help bring focus to a subject by darkening the corners of an image. And the best thing about creating a vignette in Photo is that you can control how intense the vignette is by just using a simple slider.

Art Filter Photo

Fotor has a number of different art filters that will not only color but also brighten and vignette your image to get them Instagram ready. The “Graphik” filters put a contemporary twist on photos, perfect for fashion images!

Grayscale Filter

Turn your photos black and white in a matter of seconds with Fotors “Greyscale”, “Chromed” and “Black&White” options! The “Faded White” filter also added a subtle distressed effect.

Pastel Filter

Use filter “Notre Dame” found under the “Groovy” section to achieve a quick and easy pastel filter effect which will give a whimsical fantasy vibe to any photo. There is a multitude of other pastel filters ranging from greens to blues and purples!

Christmas Filter

Add festive frames in a pinch with the “Christmas” frames option. These frames are not only perfect for sharing on social media, but also for creating Christmas cards that you can then print out and send to your family and friends!


Change your digital photo into a Polaroid with this polaroid frame! The same Polaroid effect, without having to buy an expensive camera and film! And best of all, it’s much easier to share online.

Blur Photo

Add a tilt-shift blur to the background of a photo to create more depth and interest. You can control where the blur is and how much blur you want as it is a selective blur app! You can blur out things in the foreground and the background, creating both a bokeh and depth of field effect.

Nature Photo Effect

Bring out the deep greens of a forest, or the bright blues of the ocean with the “Sunned Up” filter pack, perfect for outdoor photos of lush trees and wilderness. You can layer on the effect as many times as you want to get an even more intense filter effect.


Add a number of different sparkle effects using the “Festive” filters. This includes a “Starlight” inspired filter that will give every image a tiny touch of magic. You can also use these filters to create a snowy effect!

Bokeh Effect

Add an easy bokeh effect without having to open Photoshop. Want something more interesting than just circles? Try this “Hearts” filter for a bloom of colorful hearts instead that will also give your photo a slight vintage vibe!

Pixelate Image

Pixelate either the whole image or just parts using the Pixelate filter. Perfect for a trendy glitch effect or to censor out words and faces! Don’t worry about messing up, as you can always erase the pixel effect if you end up pixelating too much!

Light Leak

Add a light leak to your photo to add even more of a vintage or retro vibe. These light leaks pair perfectly with both the vintage and retro filters, and can be mixed and matched with any other filter found on Fotor!

Lens Flare

Add one of many different lens flares to your photo, with the best part being you get to move and control where the lens flare is placed! You also get to control the intensity by simply adjusting a couple of sliders!

Lomo Effect

Get a Lomo effect with a number of lo-fi inspired filters! Like all other Fotor photo filters and effects, you get to choose the intensity. You can also layer on some light leaks to bring even more light into an image, so don’t be afraid to mix and match!

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