6 Best Psychics Sites For Free Readings By Chat Or Phone

Psychics are gifted humans who have inherent abilities that enable them to give insights into one’s past, present, and future life. Keep reading for more details on how they can help but first, let’s look at top online sites.

A psychic reading can be what you need to gain clarity and guidance for life. We live a life full of uncertainty and, more often than not, lack the answers to all the questions that come up. Psychic reading has been around for a substantial amount of time now. People in the ancient days went to psychics for help, and today, we are still seeing more people turn to psychic predictions. 

Psychics are gifted humans who have inherent abilities that enable them to give insights into one’s past, present, and future life. Keep reading for more details on how they can help but first, let’s look at top online sites.

Best Online Psychic Sites
•   Mysticsense – Best Psychic Site For Newbies, 5 Free Minutes
•   Kasamba – Best for Service Variety, 3 Minutes Free + 50% Off
•   Purple Garden – Best Mobile App,  $10 Free Credit With Any Purchase
•   Keen – Best Love Psychics, 3 Free Minutes
•   Asknow – Best Introductory Offers, 15 Minutes For $10 + 5 Free Minutes
•   Oranum – Best For Video Calls, 3 Free Minutes

Mysticsense – Best Filtering Features

We strongly feel Mysticsense deserves a place on this list, even though the platform is relatively new. Mysticsense was founded recently but is home to popular psychics who have served thousands of happy clients. 

Service offered

Mysticsense psychics are highly specialized to cater to different client needs. You can get a variety of readings on the site, including a psychic medium reading, tarot card reading, horoscope, and astrology psychic reading. You can also get good psychics to help you with matters regarding career, finance, dream interpretation, fortune-telling, energy healing, and spiritual issues.

How to use Mysticsense and its features

You will need to register your account to begin using the platform. Once you are done with that, you are ready to browse the various categories to get an available psychic expert. The platform allows you to pick someone based on their reading style and what they specialize in. You can also select from the comprehensive list if you want a reader skilled with a particular divination tool. 

To narrow your search, you can look for empaths, clairvoyant readers, spiritual readers, and more. All the advisors have profiles that are well-detailed with their biography, reviews, and an introductory video. 

Mysticsense has a Unique Search feature, allowing users to provide more detailed specifications on what they are looking for. You can access a free psychic chat or a free phone psychic reading through the platform’s free five-minute trial.

Contact methods

Depending on your preference, you can engage with an advisor through a video call if you want a more physical connection. Mysticsense also has chat psychics and phone psychics.

Kasamba – Best for Service Variety

Kasamba is a top site that has been around for decades and has gained immense popularity. Those who have used the site keep showering it with praises for dependable readings and some of the most gifted psychics.

Services offered

Kasamba offers a vast array of services. You can get spiritual psychics, tarot card reading, palm psychic reading, astrology reading, horoscope reading, rune casting, dream analysis readings, and clairvoyant psychics. Kasamba psychics can also give you readings on relationships, intimacy, career, family, and finances. 

How to use Kasamba and its features

If you are looking for the Kasamba experience, you must first create a profile. Once you identify the best psychic reader you want to work with, you use the “Let’s Chat” feature to be redirected to a page where you provide further details, for example, about payment. 

If the advisor is available, you’re ready to begin a session. Kasamba provides complete client anonymity, and you shouldn’t be worried that somebody may leak your sensitive information.

If you take advantage of the three trial minutes, you can get a free love psychic reading.

You can outline a question on the site and choose the kind of reading you want by heading to the site’s top section. Those new to psychic reading and confused about what type of reader to choose can browse specialists and analyze their profiles. Each psychic on Kasamba highlights their specialty, qualification, and experience. 

You can be sure to find true psychics here because they all undergo a strict vetting procedure before they begin dealing with clients. You can also look at different reviews left by previous clients to get a better idea about a particular reader. 

Contact methods

The psychics on Kasamba ensure client comfortability with a variety of contact methods. To engage with a Kasamba psychic, you can consult them via phone or a live psychic chat. There are also experts who offer guidance via email. You can install the Kasamba mobile app to contact a psychic anytime and anywhere.

Purple Garden – Best Mobile App Features

Purple Garden is another site that has emerged as an excellent performer. The platform offers exceptional and accurate services, and its website has been featured in notable publications due to its consistent praise for its services and trusted psychics.

Services offered

Purple Garden allows users to find advisors and psychic readers who can offer tarot card readings, spirit medium readings, palmistry, horoscope, oracle guidance, and dream analysis. You can also be helped with esoteric alchemy, love, career, and much more.

How to use Purple Garden and its features

Just like other online platforms, you must create an account to begin using Purple Garden, which you can create with your email address. Purple Garden allows you to choose a preferred language to communicate with a reader you understand. 

The website is simplified to ensure users do not have a hard time when looking for suitable psychic readers. The platform’s AI optimizes user search results and gives users a recommendation that best suits them. Purple Garden offers free initial minutes to enable clients to understand a specific psychic and the kind of service they will be paying for in case they want an entire session. 

If you want an entire session, Purple Garden requires your specification about how much time you want to take with an advisor. That is how users know how much they need to pay and find affordable psychics. The periods range from five to sixty minutes. This is a good setup because it allows you to organize yourself better in terms of time and money and get a cheap psychic reading. 

Sometimes you may overestimate how long a session you need and probably fail to exhaust it. In such a case, the money is not refunded but is accounted for you to use in another session.

Specific criteria guide how Purple Garden’s psychics begin and continue working with clients. They all have to meet up the screening requirements to offer professional services.

Contact methods

Once you have settled on an expert to work with, you are free to contact them via an online chat, phone, or video call. Purple Garden has also been optimized for mobile use and has a very intuitive app for mobile devices.

Keen – Best for Psychic Guidance

Keen is another popular psychic reading site. The platform has been operating since 1999 and offers desired guidance, as confirmed by the many testimonials. Keen is a veteran in the online psychic world and keeps an up-to-date website.

Services offered

You can find famous psychics of all kinds on Keen. They can offer readings on numerology, tarot card reading, numerology, astrology, spiritual readings, mediumship, crystal gazing, chakra cleansing, and dream interpretation. Keen also has love psychics, and the experts can give insights about financial outlook, relationships, and career guidance.

How to use Keen and its services

To use Keen, you need to register your account. It is easier to find a reader if you understand what kind of guidance or reading you need. That is why Keen has categorized its psychics to suit the needs of its clientele and make it easier to choose a psychic for a specific service. 

The psychics on his platform have provided information about their background, the approach they use for free and paid psychic readings, specialties, and skills. They also specify the languages they can communicate with, which is an easier way to find a reader you understand. You can still explore the psychics based on availability, pricing, and user rating. You only have to click on an advisor’s listing if you want a more comprehensive bio about a reader and details. 

Keen offers a satisfaction guarantee policy to cater to those who feel their sessions were not satisfactory. You can also get a free three-minute reading on Keen to gauge what the experience looks like. If you qualify for the coupon applications and promotions Keen offers, you can lower the costs of readings.

Contact methods

You can receive a phone psychic reading, a chat psychic reading, or an email reading. Keen also has an app for iOS and Android devices.

AskNow – Best Introductory Offers

You can depend on AskNow to get accurate psychics who can help you with different issues about your past, present, and future life. The platform has built a name for itself and has substantial user reviews for accurate psychic readings online.

Services offered

You will find specialists who can help you obtain tarot readings, love readings, spirit readings, numerology, horoscope readings, mediums, and clairvoyants. Clients can also ask life coach psychics about financial issues, love matters, and career challenges.

How to use AskNow and its features

To use AskNow, you complete the sign-up process in only two steps. You are required to choose a package and provide some personal details; from there, you can begin browsing. Users can filter advisors by price, category, and advisor type. You can engage with a Spanish psychic on the platform by applying the relevant filters.

AskNow understands that many people are skeptical about online psychic reading sessions. That is why they have introductory offers for first-time visitors. If you are a new member, you can ask a free psychic question since AskNow offers free readings for five minutes with every psychic and welcome discounts. 

You pay for a reading session depending on a reader’s specialty, their experience, and professional background. Categories include Top Rated Advisors, Elite Advisors, and Master Advisors. To have the best professionals, AskNow conducts a background screening and regular tests on all psychics.

If you are not conversant with the psychic world, you will appreciate the articles and tutorial videos on the platform. These are additional advantages for those who want to explore online psychic readings.

Contact methods

You have various options to engage with a psychic of your choice. All you need to do is ask a question and talk to them during the session via phone, email, chat, or video call.

Oranum – Best for Video Communication

Oranum is another famous site for qualitative online readings. You can reach out to the best psychics on the platform due to the site’s modern and intuitive interface.

Services offered

On Oranum, you can receive tarot card readings, medium readings, numerology, palm readings, astrology, pet readings, spiritual readings, fortune telling, ritual and energies, dream interpretation, numerology, and energy healing. The experts can also guide you on love, finances, home and family, career, and relationships.

How to use Oranum and its features

You must create an account first to use Oranum, which is entirely free. Once you are registered, you can begin exploring the site to find the kind of advisor you want. You can use the different filtering options to find a reader and then click on their link to access their bio. The psychics on Oranum have life stories that can help you determine if a reader is the best fit for a consultation. Some readers post paid and free videos to give guidance. Psychics here set individual prices based on their skills and professional experience. There are psychics who will ask for fixed payments from those who want specific advice during a session. 

Oranum payments are made after credit card validation. To work with an Oranum psychic, you have to use the “receive credits” option, select a preferred package, and then provide your credit card information.

Contact methods

Oranum prides itself on video readings. This is an excellent way to consult and grasp a reader’s body language. You can also get a chat or phone reading or use the Oranum mobile app to interact with advisors while out and about.

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